Our patients at Louisiana Dental Center are prioritized in every decision our dental professionals make. Whether we are determining the latest technological advancements to utilize, or perhaps where we should place an office locale, we consider our patients needs first. You can see this consideration is felt by our patients in the many reviews we have received about our quality dental care in Slidell, Louisiana. We invite you to experience this for yourself and make an appointment with one of our dentists.

This place was absolutely fantastic! I had the best hygienist ever! Her name is Tina Labat and she made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the whole process. Ask to be scheduled with her if you can.
– Ian B.
Upon the suggestion of my dentist I set an appointment with Dr. Snitzer in regards to gum issues that I’ve been knowing about for some time but due to a bad experience about 12 years ago using the old procedure cutting and stiching my gums back to my teeth I decided never again but it’s not going to get better on its own so I had to act. Upon the exam Dr. Snitzer explained the new improved method of addressing the problem by using a laser which was non evasive, little to no bleeding and the procedure took less than an hour and I could drive myself home. Sounds too good be true but made an appointment the next day for an opening he had a week later. He was very understanding and patient knowing that I had a bad experience 12 years ago and it went just as he said and it wasn’t too good to be true! I would highly recommend Dr. Snitzer and his staff to everyone, he really cares about understanding the procedure and I’d never go anywhere else for periodontal surgery.
– Robert D.
This my dentist and they are all every very nice and helpful
– Mattie W.
I was very skeptical about going to the dentist. I have a lot of work that needs to be done including 5 extractions and 8 fillings. I had a really terrible experience when I was younger. The staff here was very caring. I felt ZERO pain during both the initial exam, the cleaning, and the work I have had done so far. I had three fillings done , one wisdom tooth and molar removed and I had ZERO pain with just the regular shots. I am scheduled to get the rest of the wisdom teeth removed later on and I cannot be more happy with the service I have received. My Dentist was doctor Kollenborn and I would recommend these guys to everyone.Thanks for making me no longer afraid of the dentist!

– Thomas B.
Dr. Kollenborn is very sweet and makes sure there’s no pain the entire time. Great work and great staff!
– Kitty M.
i had not been to the dentist in over 20 years when i decided it was time to just suck it up and get a cleaning. i was terrified but i was easy and painless. i had to have a deep cleaning and they made it very comfortable. the staff was great and even answered all my questions.
– Shana M.
Can’t say enough good things about this group of dentist!!!
– Shawn L.
– Scott W.
They squeezed me in and are taking good care of me.
– Jaye S.
Great place. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Also pretty affordable prices.Needed a bridge replaced and went to a couple of places for opinions before deciding to go here. Dentist was helpful in suggesting the best option on what to do, and communicated very well his reasons and thoughts as to why. Other places I went to were more of a pick what you want (bridges or implants) and here is what it will cost.

– Cuong N.