Reasons Why You May Want a Gold Tooth

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Although many dentists today suggest same-day ceramic or porcelain material for tooth restoration because of its ease, convenience, and the fact that it looks more natural, there are still some good reasons, other than being old-fashioned, to get a little gold in your mouth.

-Strength: Because of its malleability and strength, gold dental work is highly resistant to corrosion, fracture, and wear. This makes it the longest-lasting tooth replacement material.

-Price: Believe it or not, a gold tooth isn’t necessarily that much different in price than a porcelain one. Of course, it depends on the size of the tooth being replaced, and the amount of actual gold in the crown or implant.

-Keep more of your original tooth: A gold crown is less destructive to the original tooth when grinding it down for cap placement. This is due to the strength of the metals and its ability to adhere properly.

-Better fit: Gold material expands and contracts with hot and cold similarly to natural teeth, so it seals well to prevent leakage and recurrent tooth decay. Gold is also gentle to adjacent teeth.

-Biocompatible and non-allergenic: Whereas some people may develop allergies or be resistant to other materials, gold has been an extremely compatible substance when used for medical purposes alongside human tissue.

-A sign of status: While some people only get gold in their back molars due to the shiny yellow color, others may decide to show them off their “bling” in their smile. Many people look at gold teeth displayed prominently as a sign of wealth and success.

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